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Built by Dave from “Dave’s Island Instruments”.  It’s a Sunset 9 which is a great scale to get started on.  It’s made with stainless steel and sounds amazing!
We used this pan for many years as an extra or emergency pan.  could make a good starter instrument of your budget is limited. Stand and sticks are included, everything you need to play! The...
Lightweight but sound great! These are perfect for someone that wants to jam on percussion!  Bag-style cases are included!!
Used but works great! Leave this one set up at home and your other stand in a bag, ready for gigs. 
We have a historical Invader Lead, a single second, and a single guitar. These were built by Ellie and Chanler about 10 years ago.  Cases are included for the lead and second, but are not...
These were built by Tom Reynolds in 2003. They have been tuned numerous times by Darren Dyke. They have a pretty nice, dark sound, just what you want from your cello section. Price includes Humes...